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Do you want to do good today?

We are the concept project. A collection of events aiming to raise money and awareness for various social issues by using mental and physical challenges. We want to represent our generation as a real example of change.

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The Concept Project

It all starts with a Concept. Each Mental or Physical challenge will be based off a concept that is catchy and eye opening. This is a new type of awareness and fundraising.

Everyone has ideas! Yours could change the world one day. Reach out and let us know what you've thought of. We are aiming to make even the most far fetched and crazy ideas seem like reality.

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Helpful Information

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Where do the funds raised go?

The Concept Project raises funds and awareness for a variety of community based non-profit  organizations.  
Proceeds from each project go directly to the organizations.

What's the next project?

We are always looking for further projects. We are hoping for your help. Ideas are possible for anyone, and your could change the world. Let us know what you've got.

How can I stay updated on upcoming events?

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We will keep you informed and entertained. Click our handles below.

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