Redefining How to Build Awareness

Creating change one concept at a time. 



Each of these organizations have been a recipient of a Concept Project campaign.
It's been a pleasure to work with and serve these non-profit organizations.


Nova Scotia Remembers

This organization helped with the wagon walk and represented the scholarship fund or surviving children of the Nova Scotia shooting. They have helped their community grieve and stay resilient in so many ways.



This organization was the recipeint of the money raise in the 120 mile highs and lows walk from Mt. Washington to Hampton Beach. They provide education and support for teens and adults struggling with thier mental health.


Dress 4 School Success

Many children struggle because they don’t have life’s basic necessities.  Not having adequate clothing to attend school adds to the stress. Dress 4 School Success collects and distributes donated clothing for students grade K -12.


 Blue Ocean Society

Blue Ocean helps keep the sand and salt clean and educate people on marine conservation. They helped organized a 19 mile swim/beach-clean-up with the concept project team.



Generous Partners


The Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce

Proudly Serving the New Hampshire Seacoast
Hampton, NH


Al Gauron

Deep Sea Fishing & Whale Watching
Hampton NH


Madeleine's Daughter

Bridal Boutique
Portsmouth NH

Client 3

Rocket Fuel Only Screenprinting Co

T-Shirts, Posters, Fabrics, Wood, More
Portsmouth NH

Client 1


Gift Gallery & Invitation Studio
Exeter NH

Client 7

Cinnamon Rainbows

Surf Company
Hampton NH

Client 5

Kyra Designs

Graphic Designs
Exeter NH

Client 4


Bagels and Java
Hampton NH

Client 8

Coffee Break Cafe

Breakfast All Day
Hampton NH

Client 2

Sabo's Subs

Sandwich Shop
Hampton NH

Client 3

MomoYo Ramen

Ramen Noodles and Rice Bowls
Hampton NH

Client 2

Focus & Fuel

ADHD Coaching
Exeter NH