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Giving back: Taking an icy plunge into Boston Harbor

BOSTON — A dozen people took a plunge into the frigid, 43-degree waters of Boston Harbor on Wednesday. One after the other these college students jumped in - but why? “We attack different social issues by performing physical and mental challenges,” said Emmie Daswani, a Suffolk University student who is co-founder of The Concept Project along with friends Adrian Dellicolli and Garrett Roberts.

“Things that have just been ideas that have turned into things that have raised so much awareness and event funds for different organizations is amazing,” said Daswani. So far, they’ve walked from Mount Washington to the coast of New Hampshire “To show the highs and lows of mental health and raise,” said Daswani. They’ve also handed out sandwiches to the homeless in Boston. But it’s not just here. Roberts jumped into the ocean off New Hampshire and Dellicolli plunged into the icy waters off Nova Scotia. In fact, 60 people across the U.S. and Canada also took a plunge. So, what’s the draw for these young adults? “I haven’t had many opportunities in my life to do good and when the opportunity comes along I’m going to take advantage of it,” said Tristan Comeau, who is a student at Suffolk. That’s right, contrary to what many may think of a younger generation obsessed with social media, these Gen Z-ers say they crave a chance to help others not just themselves. Liam Devlin, also a Suffolk student, sums it up nicely. “From the kids in our generation, nobody has really taken a step toward giving back like they have. And when I heard about it, I just knew I had to be a part of it,” he said. Everyone who took a plunge today will donate the clothes they wore to homeless shelters near them. Up next is a ride from Maine to New York City to bring awareness of Covid’s impact on small businesses. Good ideas for good causes, it seems The Concept is catching on.

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