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Clothing March: Group takes daily dives for people in need

Mitch Emerson jumps into the water of Halifax’s Northwest Arm fully clothed — something he’s done every day this March. What he’s wearing will be donated to people in need. “It’s a Clothing March,” said Emerson. “I know the pandemic has brought a lot more people on the streets and we have to raise awareness for them.”

His daily dives are part of “The Concept Project,” a group that hosts various events to raise money and awareness for social issues by using mental and physical challenges, Clothing March is one of them. On Friday, Emerson was joined by about a dozen students donning clothes they no longer need. “Usually, it’s a different outfit every day,” he said. “We’ll go to Brunswick Mission, Boys and Girls Club, Dress for Success, it’s been awesome.” Last year, 122 people in countries around the world took part in Clothing March. “This has got to be dip six or seven for me,” said Andie Hayhurst in Halifax Friday. “I love just giving back and volunteering for whoever I can.” “Because everyone has clothes as a necessity, but we don’t realize how important that is, because a lot of people don’t actually have that.” It was MacLean Rivers’ third time taking the plunge. “I wanted to do it to support my friend and The Concept Project. It’s a great idea, and what a fun way to get clothing to donate,” said Rivers. To learn more about Clothing March, and The Concept Project you can visit their website.

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