The Concept Project

Redefining how to Educate and Spread Awareness

Spreading awareness for various social issues by completing mental and physical challenges in the outdoors.


Get to Know Team Concept


Adrian Delli Colli


I am a member of the Concept Project because I believe that learning is in our own hands. I am a student currently expanding on my study with fundraising concepts. Hacking education by using distances, challenges of mind and body, and uncomfortable situations to learn about human capabilities. Interested in endurance athletics, outdoor education, coaching and experiential learning. I am developing a new way to look at education by proving the value of experience in every concept project that I do.

Emmie Daswani


My name is Emmie Daswani, I'm an entrepreneurship student at Suffolk University. I spent last year traveling and filming the world and after seeing all of the power that we hold and how simple actions can change someones life I decided that I wanted to dedicate my life to doing good. I helped start The Concept Project to help do that and to utilize my film editing skills. I believe that if we try hard and do enough good today we can change the world for tomorrow. Completing mental and physical challenges betters the mind and I encourage everyone to do so.

Garret Roberts


My name is Garret Roberts and I am currently a student athlete. I helped start the Concept Project because I wanted to change how society views social issues and create a new environment of learning through experiences. Being a student athlete has helped me understand the everyday struggles that people have with mental health and was a social issue that I thought I could have an impact on. I believe that through various outdoor feats and experiences, The Concept Project will be able to create a new environment for change by promoting the importance of nature in our daily lives.